Wois grant empowered Longevity Science Foundation to back aninitiative dedicated to promoting longevity education among practicing physicians

The Longevity Science Foundation (LSF) is a global nonprofit providing funding for early-stage research on extending the healthy human lifespan. LSF’s mission is to make longevity care accessible to all - no matter their background - by bringing cutting-edge science on aging out of the laboratory and into the mainstream. LSF believes the way to do this is by bringing longevity science supporters, researchers, and luminaries together to advance the field and support bold and bright ideas.
“We were established in Switzerland in 2021 and have since expanded internationally, with a global headquarters and 501(c)(3) status in the United States. The organization was founded by Garri Zmudze, Ilya Suharenko and Sergey Jakimov. Following years of experience in the longevity space, our initial team recognized a two-fold need: 1) there was a distinct lack of funding available for cutting-edge longevity research in its earliest phases, and 2) existing funding bodies had unclear funding processes in place. To remove these barriers, the founders created LSF to provide grant funding for projects too early in development for venture capital or other traditional investments. Our funding process is entirely transparent, with donors receiving voting rights to participate in selecting our funded projects,” said Lisa E. Ireland, President and CEO of the Longevity Science Foundation.
In October 2022, LSF welcomed its new CEO, Lisa E. Ireland. Lisa is a non-profit powerhouse with over 25years of experience in administration, fundraising, donor engagement, strategy, and finance, and leads globaloperations for the Foundation. One of her priorities as CEO is to expand awareness of the longevity field andbring in more outsiders to the industry
LSF operates in a fascinating space and propels research in a rapidly accelerating field that has the potential to impact all of our lives. As an early-stage grant provider, LSF is proud to work with visionaries dedicated to making an impact using new technologies and ways of thinking.
“The LSF's employees are based worldwide, with backgrounds as diverse as our passports. Hailing from the nonprofit, investing, engineering, law, and business sectors, we possess a unique skill set to hone our work and advance our mission. We are a small team with big goals, and we look forward to welcoming new members to the LSF team as we expand our presence in the near future,”  Lisa says describing the Foundation’s team and future.“We are proud to be a growing organization, helping provide more funding and connecting with new donors. In late 2021, we announced the further expansion of LSF into the United States with our new global headquarters in Miami, Florida. Our work in the coming year will focus on establishing new partnerships, announcing our first funded projects, building connections around new research areas like psychedelics, and continuing our fundraising workto support more research grants,” Lisa continued.

One of the challenges LSF solves is the lack of accessible education about longevity.

While society has moved past some initial misconceptions about longevity treatments, many are still unaware of the proximity of longevity breakthroughs. LSF supports research that will bring new discoveries out of the lab and into the publicsphere. And this all is happening sooner than expected.There are also valid concerns that, when introduced, longevity treatments will only be available to the wealthiest and most well-connected individuals. However, LSF work is dedicated to supporting projects that will offer accessible interventions on a larger scale.
“We are currently reviewing our first round of funding proposals for projects related to aging clocks and other longevity adjacent areas, of which we have received more than 100 to date. After being vetted by our expert Visionary Board, our donors will vote on their top choices and select final projects for LSF support. Our second funding call for psychedelic mental health applications is open until June 30th. We plan to launch additional calls on other vital topics every year,” Lisa said
In 2022, LSF supported the launch of the Healthy Longevity Medicine Society (HLMS), an organization dedicated to setting standards and establishing collaboration within the longevity medicine field. This organizartion has the potential to reach all of us, as HLMS members will be working to develop the fundamental principles of longevity care for adoption in physician offices and clinics around the world.
“All of our funded projects are evaluated for their impact potential. We specifically look for projects that are likely to reach human use within the next five years. An example of this is our funding call on psychedelic mental health treatments, which can help treat difficult mentalhealth conditions like PTSD and addiction,” Lisa explains.
From 29 August - 2 September 2022, the Longevity Science Foundation had the pleasure of attending the 9thannual Aging Research & Drug Discovery Meeting, held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Organized by one ofFoundation Visionary Board members and a team of prominent longevity scientists, ARDD is one of thelongevity space’s leading events and gathers longevity physicians, investors, researchers, enthusiasts and more.

LSF currently has an open funding call for projects exploring the synergies between longevity, mental health, and psychedelics

There is incredible work being done in these fields, and LSF is collaborating with some of the leading voices in these spaces to help mental health become a more widely recognized and respected aspect of human longevity.
“We are also excited to support cutting-edge research at its source by partnering with globally renowned educational institutions. By supporting researchers and students, we will help shape the future of longevity-centered curricula and educational programs,” Lisa added.
LSF founding member Garri Zmudze and CEO Lisa Ireland spoke at the Wonderland Miami conference inNovember of 2022. Joined by Matias Serebrinsky of PsyMed Ventures, they participated on a panel titled“Longevity, Mental Health, and Psychedelics - What Will Your Impact Be?” and discussed the overlap betweenpsychedelics, longevity, and crypto.

“Thanks to the support of Wois, we have been able to strengthen LSF’s structure and build the strong foundation needed to support our work funding breakthrough research.

We are developing our outreach and working with new stakeholders to increase knowledge sharing and awareness around the value of early-stage research. Specifically, the Wois grant empowered us to back an initiative dedicated to promoting longevity education amongst practicing physicians in the space,” Lisa summarized.
The people behind The Longevity Science Foundation:
Lisa E. Ireland: President and CEO of the Longevity Science Foundation (LSF), where she leads global operations. Lisa Ireland is an accomplished non-profit executive with more than 25 years of experience in administration, fundraising, donor engagement, strategy, and finance. Her career spans diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, human services, andscience.
Garri Zmudze: Founding Member of the Longevity Science Foundation (LSF). Garri is a serial biopharma and technology investor with a history of successful exits in early-stage, science-intensive ventures including Insilico Medicine and Basepaws.